What’s Important When Choosing an Anesthesia Group

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What’s Important When Choosing an Anesthesia Group

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When choosing an Anesthesia Group to provide services to your ASC or Office-Based practice there are many aspects to consider.

Having clarity up front and good communication in a partnership with an anesthesia group is essential.  Anesthesia groups can do an excellent job in maximizing throughput and reducing costs by enabling the practitioners to do more procedures while optimizing a smoother clinical flow.

Most practitioners and ASC’s understand that an anesthesia group’s profitability is based on case volume and payor mix to ensure profitability.  A practice with high governmental payor mix can expect an anesthesia group to request a stipend.  Commercial payors payments are much higher, so the mix is important.

In the initial negotiations with the anesthesia group, there needs to be an understanding of the group’s need for profitability.  When taking on a new office-based practice or ASC, the anesthesia group provides significant capital upfront until cash collections are generated.  Most collections are not realized for at least 90 days.

The benefit of having an anesthesia group is that they manage the anesthesia program.  Thus, ASCs and private practices are alleviated from the burdens of negotiating complex employment relationships and managing anesthesia billing, which has unique multifaceted characteristics.

When considering whether to employ your own anesthesia providers or contract out with a private group, ASCs and office-based practices should realize that private groups tend to operate more productively due to the incentive to increase caseload order to increase revenue, benefiting both the ASC and the anesthesia group.  Additionally, the anesthesia group alleviates the practice of having the burden of managing the anesthesia providers themselves.

The scope of services provided by an anesthesia group extends beyond the delivery of anesthesia.  Maximizing favorable outcomes and reducing patients postprocedural complications and postoperative multimodal pain management reduces recovery times.

In summary, Anesthesia groups have relationships with numerous anesthesia providers thus providing well-qualified providers with experience.  The patient experience is the most important thing and having skillful providers, who are practiced in your specialty facilitates a seamless outcome.  Allowing an anesthesia group to manage your anesthesia program surely will create a smoother procedural flow and reduce added workload for your employees.

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