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We specialize in providing low-cost, deep sedation anesthesia in the GI setting.

Gastrointestinal endoscopies are some of the most routine procedures performed on adults in the world. Anesthesia services play a large role in the continued safety and success of these procedures because they allow surgeons and physicians to carefully and accurately perform the endoscopy with minimal risk to the patient. When it comes to anesthesia for GI centers, Strategy Anesthesia has you covered.

We have learned to operate at high efficiency in the fast-paced setting of office-based anesthesia for GI centers. With a needs-based approach customized to each client we are able to create anesthesia services and solutions that minimize costs to our partners and patients while maintaining a highly functioning and fully compliant Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC) practice.

With centers in 6 different states and a wide array of providers, we have experience working with a variety of different payors and state compliance regulations to deliver top quality Monitored Anesthesia Care.

Additionally, we have pioneered an approach to transitioning those practices currently using conscious sedation over to propofol sedation for their GI procedures. See the benefits that MAC sedation can provide your patients:

  1. Improved efficiency in the endoscopy unit
  2. Significantly faster patient recovery and discharge
  3. Higher degree of patient satisfaction
  4. Decrease in recovery room costs
  5. Potential for increased patient volume

Other forms of sedation, on the other hand, require the surgeon or physician to constantly monitor the status of the patient to see if he or she begins to “wake up” during the procedure. MAC anesthesia is administered by a member of our team who is assigned to your facility, enabling you to perform GI procedures safely while controlling patient pain and anxiety.

At Strategy Anesthesia, helping patients is our top priority. Our large network of anesthesiologists, certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) and specialists work together to ensure GI centers have an anesthesia program that is expertly managed. This allows practices to achieve their goals of increasing revenue and satisfaction while becoming more cost efficient. In addition, our anesthesia program is tailored to your needs and is compliant with industry and federal regulations.

One of the main reasons to choose Strategy Anesthesia when implementing anesthesia for GI centers is that our anesthesia services help patients recover from a procedure faster. In the end, patient satisfaction increases and the endoscopy unit sees higher rates of efficiency. Learn more about GI anesthesia from Strategy Anesthesia and see how we can work together to develop a program that works best for your organization. Contact a representative today for more information and start on the path toward working with experts that have the best interests of you and your patients at heart.

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