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When performing medical procedures with the use of anesthesia in an office, safety must be the top priority. There must be precautions taken by both the medical personnel and the office staff to ensure that patients are properly cared for and procedures are completed safely. As your practice explores the use of office-based anesthesia, it is important to create a culture of safety and compliance to enhance the level of patient care.

Your office should have written policies and procedures to follow in order to optimize the quality of care. In addition to meeting all local, state, and federal regulations and licensing laws, be sure to have a thorough system for record keeping and have emergency equipment and services available if they are needed.

It is critical to have trained professionals managing your office-based anesthesia program. Medical practices should implement a sedation plan prepared and executed by an anesthesiologist or CRNA to ensure quality. Learn more about safety standards to follow for your office in our infographic.

Office Based Anesthesia Safety Standards

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