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  • Anesthesia Development in Pediatric Dentistry

Anesthesia Development in Pediatric Dentistry

Dental decay and periodontal conditions are increasingly becoming common occurrence conditions, particularly to the children. Consequently, the increase in the number of kids requiring dental attention has led to an upsurge for the need for ambulatory anesthesia.  A joint study showed that the low percentage of adverse effects of the anesthesia-based treatment is evidence to justify the safety and effectiveness

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  • Underwater Colonoscopy

Underwater Colonoscopy

This article may be of interest to our GI clients and partners, and the general public. Researchers have found that “underwater” colonoscopy enables endoscopists to detect considerably more polys than traditional air insufflation.  This includes more sessile serrated polyps in the right colon. People with a history of inflammatory bowel disease or who have a family history which puts them

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  • A Dietary Approach for Reducing GI Disease

A Dietary Approach for Reducing GI Disease

In 2012, 117 million Americans had at least one chronic health condition and most of these involved the gastrointestinal tract, as estimated by the CDC. About 86% of spending on health care that year was allocated toward these chronic diseases. Since gastrointestinal disorders can affect 60 million to 70 million Americans, reducing cases needs to be a top priority for

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  • Interventional Pain Procedures

Anesthesia Services for Interventional Pain Procedures

By utilizing the services and anesthesia management of Strategy Anesthesia to perform in-office interventional pain procedures, physicians eliminate travel time to and from a hospital or surgical facility. Delayed starts and room turn-over at hospitals and outpatient facilities is reduced or eliminated. You set your own schedule at your convenience. Strategy Anesthesia provides in-house anesthesia management programs so that you

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  • Anesthesia before operation

Transformative Care Training and Treatments

Transformative care is as much about training and treatments as it is about using a team to work with the patients. Most of the pain clinics have followed this protocol very well. But still, there is an overemphasis on passive treatments as the primary care strategy for these patients. We all know that risk factors play a significant role in

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  • doctors in surgery

MAC Anesthesia for Office-Based Pain Management Procedures

Practices are moving toward using MAC anesthesia for pain management procedures in the office and for a good reason.  Patients really love receiving propofol and by outsourcing for anesthesia there are a multitude of savings. Strategy Anesthesia offers interventional pain management physicians CRNAs to administer MAC anesthesia.  Below are some of the patient testimonials that we receive on a regular

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  • 5 Regional Anesthesia Strategies

5 Regional Anesthesia Strategies to Improve Patient Care (and Bring in More Patients)

Regional anesthesia has many benefits, for both patients and doctors. It allows surgeons to perform more complex procedures while prescribing patients fewer postoperative narcotics, and is less likely to cause nausea and other side effects in patients, yet many medical centers have trouble incorporating local anesthesia (also known as “nerve blocks”) into their procedures. What are the best ways

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  • surgical mask

Demand for Anesthesia Monitoring Devices Growing

In recent years, advances in technology have led to the development of more advanced anesthesia monitoring devices. These devices have quickly found their way into hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, and emergency rooms across the world, leading to increasing demand that is likely to see the advanced anesthesia monitoring devices market grow considerably in the next few years. Advanced Anesthesia

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