Anesthesia Services for Interventional Pain Procedures

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Anesthesia Services for Interventional Pain Procedures

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  • Interventional Pain Procedures

By utilizing the services and anesthesia management of Strategy Anesthesia to perform in-office interventional pain procedures, physicians eliminate travel time to and from a hospital or surgical facility. Delayed starts and room turn-over at hospitals and outpatient facilities is reduced or eliminated. You set your own schedule at your convenience. Strategy Anesthesia provides in-house anesthesia management programs so that you can perform procedures when you want to, not when someone else tells you to. Your valuable time can be better utilized to be more productive and efficient with more income generating activities like seeing more patients.

By providing anesthesia services for your patients, we eliminate the patient’s anxiety and any discomfort they may feel by sedating the patient. Recovery is quick and patient satisfaction is superior vs. doing procedures without sedation. Many interventional pain procedures are complex and require the use of advanced imaging techniques such as fluoroscopy, digital subtraction, angiography and computerized tomography to assist the physician in accurately guiding needles to the proper location to treat pain.

Treatment should be carefully selected to best increase the chance to alleviate pain and reduce the risk of harm. By using the anesthesia services of Strategy Anesthesia your patients will have a superior experience. Before treatment, physicians should review a patient’s medical history and perform a physical examination, diagnostic testing and imaging to determine diagnosis.

Interventional pain management constitutes the practice of medicine and should be performed by a trained physician.

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