Monthly Archives: December 2017

  • Spinal Anesthesia Yields Savings

Spinal Anesthesia Yields Savings for Spine Surgery

Whether or not a spine surgery is considered successful depends on a number of factors. In addition to addressing the symptoms and underlying issues with a patient’s spine, surgeons must also take into consideration time spent in the operating room, recovery outlook, and overall costs. Since anesthesia services play such an important role in a surgeon being able to perform

  • Safety of Anesthesia

Safety of Anesthesia in an Office-Based Setting

The use of office-based anesthesia procedures has continued to grow in popularity in recent years, as processes become safer and more efficient for medical professionals and patients. Rather than having to wait to have a procedure completed in a hospital, which can create a backlog of cases and drain valuable resources, patients can opt to have some procedures performed in

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