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  • Quality Reporting for Anesthesia Services

Quality Reporting for Anesthesia Services

Over the past decade, quality reporting has proven to be a delicate process for medical service providers. Especially for those that provide anesthesia services to patients, quality reporting measures can be confusing because, while professionals want to report accurate information, there have been evolving categories and rules surrounding how to best report the use of anesthesia during a procedure. By

  • A medical team performing an operation

How Opioid Free Anesthesia Reduces Post-Op Nausea

With the current opioid crisis affecting the United States and other places around the globe, primary care physicians, specialists and surgeons alike are working to find ways to effectively treat patients while limiting the risk potential prescription dependence. One such area of concern is the administration of anesthesia, as well as post surgical pain management. Opioids have been used as

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