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Anesthesia Services for procedures in Outpatient Settings

Strategy Anesthesia specializes in providing anesthesia for outpatient procedures in the office and procedures performed in ambulatory surgery centers. Prior to a procedure requiring anesthesia services, a history, and physical examination is completed and documented no more than 30 days before or 24 hours after admission. Our medical records include an updated examination of the patient (if they had been

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  • Three small children looking at laptop screen in bed

Virtual Reality Videos Reduce Preoperative Anxiety in Children

A recent study has shown that children who watched virtual reality videos before surgery were less likely to exhibit signs of anxiety. Researchers have found that children who watched a four-minute virtual reality video of a cartoon character touring an operating room, while explaining how things worked, helped to reduced preoperative anxiety. This was compared to another group of children

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What’s Important When Choosing an Anesthesia Group

When choosing an Anesthesia Group to provide services to your ASC or Office-Based practice there are many aspects to consider. Having clarity up front and good communication in a partnership with an anesthesia group is essential.  Anesthesia groups can do an excellent job in maximizing throughput and reducing costs by enabling the practitioners to do more procedures while optimizing a

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