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  • Long-Duration Pain Relief

Compound Targets Non-opioid Pain Pathway, Provides Long-Duration Pain Relief

Researchers at the University of Utah have isolated a compound derived from snail venom that appears to target a pain pathway not associated with opioids. The compound, Rg1A, was tested in rodent models, and was found to effectively block a pain pathway receptor, with a pain relieving effect that outlasted the presence of the compound in the animal. Investigator Baldomera

  • Interventional Pain Procedures

Anesthesia Services for Interventional Pain Procedures

By utilizing the services and anesthesia management of Strategy Anesthesia to perform in-office interventional pain procedures, physicians eliminate travel time to and from a hospital or surgical facility. Delayed starts and room turn-over at hospitals and outpatient facilities is reduced or eliminated. You set your own schedule at your convenience. Strategy Anesthesia provides in-house anesthesia management programs so that you

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  • Anesthesia before operation

Transformative Care Training and Treatments

Transformative care is as much about training and treatments as it is about using a team to work with the patients. Most of the pain clinics have followed this protocol very well. But still, there is an overemphasis on passive treatments as the primary care strategy for these patients. We all know that risk factors play a significant role in

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  • doctors in surgery

MAC Anesthesia for Office-Based Pain Management Procedures

Practices are moving toward using MAC anesthesia for pain management procedures in the office and for a good reason.  Patients really love receiving propofol and by outsourcing for anesthesia there are a multitude of savings. Strategy Anesthesia offers interventional pain management physicians CRNAs to administer MAC anesthesia.  Below are some of the patient testimonials that we receive on a regular

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