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  • 5 Regional Anesthesia Strategies

5 Regional Anesthesia Strategies to Improve Patient Care (and Bring in More Patients)

Regional anesthesia has many benefits, for both patients and doctors. It allows surgeons to perform more complex procedures while prescribing patients fewer postoperative narcotics, and is less likely to cause nausea and other side effects in patients, yet many medical centers have trouble incorporating local anesthesia (also known as “nerve blocks”) into their procedures. What are the best ways

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Demand for Anesthesia Monitoring Devices Growing

In recent years, advances in technology have led to the development of more advanced anesthesia monitoring devices. These devices have quickly found their way into hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, and emergency rooms across the world, leading to increasing demand that is likely to see the advanced anesthesia monitoring devices market grow considerably in the next few years. Advanced Anesthesia

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