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There are significant benefits to working with Strategy Anesthesia

Patient Satisfaction

We provide an outstanding level of personalized care and attention to patients. This is our most important objective. Our board certified clinical staff will do whatever it takes to help you improve your level of patient satisfaction.

Lower Costs

We strive to save cost to the centers, the physicans, the patients, and the system as a whole without sacrificing the quality of patient care. We achieve this very effectively through our office-based anesthesia programs.

Seamless Solution

We take care of all the legwork if you are looking to make a change in your current anesthesia program or start a new anesthesia program. Leave it to our expert clinical team to take care of all the effort and resources to make it happen seamlessly.

Dedicated Team

Your facility will have the same dedicated board certified clinicians each day you do procedures. You will not need to share the providers with other centers.

Comprehensive Management for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Strategy Anesthesia provides high quality, customized anesthesia solutions, consistently delivering exceptional patient care. We assist ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) in determining an operationally efficient plan designed to meet their specific and evolving needs. We currently provide anesthesia services to numerous facilities, in rural communities and major metropolitan cities alike, throughout the country.

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Transition from Hospital to Office-Based Procedures

Realize the benefits of doing outpatient surgical procedures in your own office: Significant increase in your reimbursements and increased convenience for you and your patients. Because of the recent changes in healthcare, there is a new trend in saving costs and improving the level of personalized care and convenience for patients by providing office-based procedures instead of performing the procedures in the hospital.

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Specialty and Low Cost GI Anesthesia

We specialize in providing low cost, deep sedation anesthesia in the GI setting. We have learned to operate at high efficiency in the fast paced setting of office-based GI anesthesia. With a needs-based approach customized to each client, we are able to create solutions that minimize costs to our partners and patients while maintaining a highly functioning and fully compliant anesthesia practice.

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